Shree Swaminarayan Public School (CBSE)
School Building
Over the last three decades Shree Swaminarayan Public School (Affiliated with CBSE , New Delhi) has established itself as premier education organization providing excellent education to the children. The management of this school is run by Saints Swamiji and devotees who are rendering selfless services with utmost dedication. Their commitment to education is commendable.
In our Schoool (CBSE) provides an English-medium education as from Junior K.G. to Class X. the school has established a reputation for high quality education.
Principal's Greeting
A School is a temple of learning. As the tiny buds grow in size and blossom into beautiful flowers, so the students right from Junior K.G. to Class X are taken care of by our school, correct values are taught along with the 3 R’s, which help them to develop into educated, matured and responsible citizens of India. School education is foundation of good society. We are proud of the fact that our school has a team of dedicated teachers who take utmost interest in educating the students.
Principal Mrs. C. N. Bhatia
Academics Curriculum

The hard and dedicated team of teachers who are well qualified has contributed to the success of the students in various fields such as art, science & technology, cultural activities and sports which in turn has added to the overall achievement.


The school comprises of spacious classrooms, well equipped laboratories, computer labs, workshops, activity areas, playground, library and landscaped areas.

Class Rooms

Classrooms are designed in a very spacious manner as to avoid crowding. the students are provided comfortable  wooden desk. Additionally, the classrooms have large whiteboards, teacher's table, and a class notice board. Maximum 40 students are accommodated in a class.


The school has well equipped separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer lab Here, students have opportunities to test textbook theories by conducting controlled experiments under the supervision of qualified instructors.

 Extra Activities  

We try and give freedom to truly explore life. In doing this we encourage the students to take interest in creative activities & be sensitive human beings.

Sport, Reading and other creative Activities

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Shree Swaminarayan Public  School (CBSE)
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